StrongVPN Review

Editor’s Rating
Protocols PPTP, OpenVPN
Encryption 128-bit Blowfish
Servers in US, UK, DE, RU, RO, HK, SW, SG
Trial 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
Price $7-$15 per month (PPTP)
$10-$20 per month (OpenVPN)
$30 per month (PPTP+OpenVPN)
Founded: 2006
Servers: in 19 countries
Price: from $7


Provider Overview / started as a small company in South Lake Tahoe in 1994 selling PC computers. We begin offering Internet Services for the local area we were in via our website and soon after that we offered Dedicated Servers and colocation services. We moved from various colocation facilities in Northern California until we settled at 200 Paul ExchangeColo now run by Digital Realty Trust. This facility offered us a ideal location for peering and growth ability.Since then we have been able to steadily grow our customer base by understanding one fundamental rule in regards to business. You can’t grow a any business on product and price advantage alone, a strong customer service culture is also critical.
Editor Review
Network ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

StrongVPN operates a huge network of almost 300 servers in 19 countries around the world. The list of available VPN server locations includes popular destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Germany or Netherlands, and more atypical ones like Luxembourg, Malaysia or Russia. Some of the servers support OpenVPN, while others are configured for PPTP/L2TP/SSTP.

StrongVPN offers 128 bit Blowfish encryption for its OpenVPN service, which is widely considered less secure.

We tested a few StrongVPN servers from a 20 Mbps broadband connection in Europe. Here are some of the speed tests results with StrongVPN turned ON.
USA (NYC) StrongVPN server speed test:

USA (Washington) StrongVPN server speed test:

Support  ★★★★★★★★★★ 

All support questions are made via a customer support form on the StrongVPN website. We received comprehensive answers for all requests in less then 3h.

StrongVPN also features live support, which may come in handy if you are in urgent need of assistance.

Usability  ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 

StrongVPN recommends using the default OpenVPN installation kit that is available on the OpenVPN website for download:

After installation you have to manually copy the StrongVPN configuration files to the OpenVPN installation folder. You have to download the configuration files from the StrongVPN admin area:

If you want to use a different VPN server select “change server” from the admin area and select the location you want to use next:

After the server is switched you have to download the new configuration file and copy it to the OpenVPN installation folder.

Overall  ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

StrongVPN is one of the oldest OpenVPN services, providing services since 2006. They have an impressive network of servers and excellent technical support. The biggest drawbacks with StrongVPN are the limited monthly server switches and the relative high price you have to pay ($20-$30) if you want an OpenVPN service with servers in USA, Europe and Asia.